Spring is over, but here's what's coming this fall!

Thanks so much to everyone who purchased seedlings from us this spring! We're so happy and grateful that folks decided to start their gardens with our plants. Please share your photos with us on Instagram and Facebook! Nothing makes us happier than seeing our plants growing in your gardens. :)

We added a lot of new plants in 2021 - a ton of new tomato varieties (including dwarves, which do great in small spaces), new peppers, and cucumbers and squash. We also offered some very cool perennial flowers, like lupine, rudbeckia, monarda, and milkweed. We'll be expanding on that, and are planning to experiment with growing even more native perennial plants in 2022. Every year is an adventure and a learning opportunity.  

Later on this summer, we'll start taking preorders for fall garden kits, which will include things like spinach, lettuce, kale, and broccoli, as well as seed garlic. Be sure to join our mailing list for news and updates!

- Sam

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