English Lavender

English Lavender

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Fragrant purple flower spikes on top of slender green stems.

Lavender is a flowering perennial herb, native to the Mediterranean. English Lavender is used medicinally to help aid sleep, anxiety and skin irritations.

Common Lavender grows as a flowering herb reaching 20-24” tall with shrub-like growth. As a perennial, lavender blooms from spring throughout the summer. Once your plants reach full maturity, Common English Lavender develops fragrant purple-flower spikes on top of slender green stems with vigorous growth—giving off an earthy, minty aroma. Lavender continues growing throughout the warm season, before it goes to seed and overwinters. Lavender is a hardy variety that can stay planted through winter standing as a snow-covered herb which blooms by next spring.

  • 2nd Year Maturity

Days to Maturity: 90-120 DAYS (Perennial)